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It's not actually all that big, but this is apparently part of a series of "Big" baseball books that ESPN columnist and sabrematician Rob Neyer is writing and it certainly is chock full of blunders. Mr. Neyer wisely gives himself wide scope on what a blunder consists of, so that he can discuss everything from trades to draft picks to lineup and game strategy decisions. Each of the essays is pretty short and the statistics used to back up his arguments aren't overwhelming, so it makes for rather easy and episodic reading--an ideal bathroom book for baseball fans. Personally, I couldn't avoid the temptation to skip around and read about the blunders that affected my favorite teams -- the Mets and Red Sox -- the most. For instance, he makes an awfully good case for the trade value of Jim Fregosi, who we Met fans have never forgiven for costing us Nolan Ryan. Perhaps the most interesting piece though is on an apparent complaint by players for the 1945 St. Louis Browns that playing one-armed outfielder Pete Gray cost them the pennant. You'll find an unusual tidbit or two like this one that you'll particularly enjoy and many controversies that you're more aware of that Mr. Neyer manages to settle once and for all in this most enjoyable book.


Grade: (B+)


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