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Grade: (A)


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    -Kenneth R. Timmerman (Wikipedia)
    -BOOK SITE: The French Betrayal of America (Random House)
    -ESSAY: Good News & Bad News from France: Dominique de Villepin — past, present, and future. (Kenneth R. Timmerman, April 19, 2004, National Review)
    -DIALOGUE: America and France: whose betrayal? (Sabine Herold & Kenneth Timmerman, 19 - 10 - 2004, Open Democracy)
    -ESSAY: Counterfeit recollections (Kenneth R. Timmerman, 4/19/04, Washington Times)
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    -ESSAY: Who is Moqtada Sadr? (Kenneth R. Timmerman, 08-04-2004, Insight Magazine)
    -LECTURE: Preachers of Hate: Islam and the War on America: A briefing by Kenneth R. Timmerman (Middle East Forum April 21, 2004)
    -ESSAY: French Fables: France’s propaganda machine is working to undermine U.S. interests. (Kenneth R. Timmerman, 11/01/04, National Review)
    -ARCHIVES: "kenneth r. timmerman (Find Articles)
    -INTERVIEW: The French Connection: Kenneth Timmerman reports on deep and tight Chirac-Saddam ties. (Kathryn Lopez, 3/22/04, National Review)
    -INTERVIEW: Hate to Win?: Talking with journalist Kenneth Timmerman. (A Q&A by Kathryn Jean Lopez, November 21, 2003, National Review)
    -INTERVIEW: Timmerman with Brit Hume: 'We Thought the French Were With Us' (Special Report, April 20, 2004, Fox News)
    -INTERVIEW: Chirac's War for Oil/ (Jamie Glazov, April 16, 2004,
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Book-related and General Links:

    -ESSAY: Crisis in Europe (Bruce Bawer, Winter 2006, Hudson Review)
    -REVIEW ESSAY: Tocqueville in a conservative world: The Tocqueville Reader: A Life in Letters and Politics, edited by Olivier Zunz and Alan S. Kahan (D.N. Byrne, Australian Review)
    -ESSAY: The Chirac Doctrine (Olivier Guitta, Fall 2005, Middle East Quarterly)