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Joseph Ratzinger (2 books reviewed)
Joseph Ratzinger Links:

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    -Pope Benedict Online
    -Ratzinger Fan Club / Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club
    -ETEXTS: Ratzinger Online (Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club)
    -ARCHIVES: Pope Benedict XVI (Brothers Judd Blog)
    -BOOK SITE: The End of Time: The Provocation of Talking about God (Paulist Press)
    -ARTICLE: Peace offering stirs new debate - two prominent Catholics who disagree (John L. Jr. Allen, Nov 13, 1998, National Catholic Reporter)
In a gesture of rapprochement with a theologian whose relations with the Vatican have sometimes been strained, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the church's top doctrinal official, was the featured speaker at an Oct. 27 symposium marking Fr. Johann Baptist Metz's 70th birthday.

While some hailed Ratzinger's action as an olive branch for church dissidents, liberal Swiss theologian Fr. Hans Kung blasted Metz for sharing a stage with Ratzinger without pressing him on issues of church reform.

Metz is known as one of Germany's leading theological minds and the father of "political theology," arguing that Christianity must be involved in political and social struggles. His work in the 1960s and 1970s was foundational for liberation theology, a movement criticized by both Ratzinger and the pope for allegedly stressing this-worldly political progress at the expense of eternal salvation.

Metz's conflict with Ratzinger is also personal; in 1979, as cardinal of Munich, Ratzinger blocked Metz from a teaching appointment at the local university. Later, Metz signed a statement criticizing the Vatican's attempts to erode academic freedom in European universities.

    -ESSAY: Debating Karl Rahner and Hans urs Von Balthasar (JOHN L. ALLEN JR., 11/28/03, National Catholic Reporter)
In Philosophy 101 one learns that all of Western thought, in a certain sense, can be divided into followers of Plato and of Aristotle. Likewise, the basic options in Roman Catholic theology after the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) can be expressed in terms of a choice between two German-speaking sons of Ignatius Loyola: Karl Rahner and Hans urs Von Balthasar. [...]

Expressing the difference between Rahner and von Balthasar is not easy, but one way to do so is in terms of attitudes towards “the world.� Rahner stressed the presence of grace at the deepest level of every human being — the so-called “supernatural existential.� Von Balthasar saw an “analogy of being� between God and humanity, which placed more distance between the two and thus left room, he felt, for greater realism about sin. Rahner was a basic optimist about culture, so much so that von Balthasar once accused him of negating the necessity of the crucifixion.
-Pope Benedict XVI (Wikipedia)
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    -Pope Benedict XVI (Jewish Virtual Library)
    -EXCERPT: Without Roots: The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam by JOSEPH RATZINGER & MARCELLO PERA
    -SPEECH: Europe: Its Spiritual Foundation: Yesterday, Today and in the Future (Cardinal Ratzinger, May 13, 2004, Italian Senate)
    -ARTICLE: Cardinal Ratzinger Seeks a Bridge With Nonbelievers: Warns That Secular Culture Can Slip Into Dogmatism (DEC. 14, 2004,
    -ARTICLE: Pope explains Christian roots in choice of name (Ian Fisher, APRIL 29, 2005, The New York Times)
    -ESSAY: Ratzinger on Europe: All Inner Worldly Changes, Both for Good and for Ill, Originate in the Souls of the Dons, Both Academic and Clerical (James V. Schall, Homiletic & Pastoral Review)
    -MASS OF THE EASTER VIGIL (HOMILY OF CARD. JOSEPH RATZINGER, Altar of the Confessio in St Peter's Basilica, Holy Saturday, 26 March 2005)
    -SPEECH: Cardinal Ratzinger On Europe's Crisis of Culture: Here is a translation of the lecture given in Italian by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Benedict XIV, in the convent of Saint Scholastica in Subiaco, Italy, the day before Pope John Paul II died. (Cardinal Ratzinger, April 1, 2005))
    -ESSAY: If Europe hates itself (Joseph Ratzinger, 5/14/05, Avvenire)
    -SPEECH: The New Evangelization: Building the Civilization of Love (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Address to Catechists and Religion Teachers, Jubilee of Catechists, 12 December 2000)
-ETEXT: FEAST OF FAITH: Approaches to a Theology of the Liturgy (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, Translated by Graham Harrison)
    -SPEECH: The Nature of the Priesthood (Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, October 1, 1990)
    -ARCHIVES: "ratzinger" (Catholic Educator's Resource Center)
    -INTERVIEW: THE WORLD OVER: CARDINAL RATZINGER INTERVIEW: Raymond Arroyo with Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Raymond Arroyo, 5 September 2003, EWTN)
    -INTERVIEW: Here is Why the Faith is in Crisis: with Cardinal Ratzinger (November 11, 1984, Jesus magazine)
    -PROFILE: What Benedict XVI Means (George Weigel, May 5, 2005, The Catholic Difference)
    -PROFILE: A Pope of Quiet Surprises (George Weigel, 11/07/05, Newsweek)
    -PROFILE: Rome's Radical Conservative (Michael Novak, 4/20/05, New York Times)
    -PROFILE: The Vatican’s enforcer (JOHN L. ALLEN JR., 4/16/99, National Catholic Reporter)
    -PROFILE: The Conquest of Rome: The stealth campaign for Ratzinger began 18 months ago. An inside look at how he won (JEFF ISRAELY, April 24, 2005, TIME)
    -PROFILE: Looking Forward: The Promise of Benedict XVI (George Sim Johnston, May 2005, Crisis)
    -PROFILE: >From Theologian to Pope: A personal view back, past the public portrayals. (Francis Schüssler Fiorenza, Autumn 2005, Harvard Divinity Bulletin)
    -ESSAY: Reading Genesis with Cardinal Ratzinger: The author answers Catholic creationists by arguing that contemporary exegetes have sufficient reason to go beyond a literalist reading of Genesis. (Nicanor Pier Giorgio Austriaco, Homiletic & Pastoral Review)
    -REVIEW ESSAY: A Tale of Two Cardinals (Garry Wills, April 26, 2001, NY Review of Books)
    -ESSAY: The Wait Is Over: Jews' Messiah Now Kosher: Vatican affirms Jewish position; scholars scramble to decipher new doctrine. (Eric J. Greenberg, 01/25/2002, Jewish Week)
    -ESSAY: The Vicar of Orthodoxy: The Pope's dogma is a circular system that's immune to reasoned query (ANDREW SULLIVAN, April 24, 2005, Time)
    -ESSAY: A Place for Dissent: My argument with Joseph Ratzinger (Charles E. Curran, Commonweal)
    -ESSAY: The End of the Enlightenment (John Kelley, May 3, 2005,
    -ARTICLE: Cardinal Ratzinger, guardian of church doctrine, elected 265th pope (John Thavis and Cindy Wooden, 4/19/05, Catholic News Service)
    -REVIEW: of Without Roots: The West, Relativism, Christianity, Islam by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger and Marcello Pera (Maximilian Pakaluk, National Review)
    -REVIEW: of Without Roots (Susan Salter Reynolds, LA Times)
    -REVIEW: of Without Roots (Pranay Gupte, The New York Sun)
    -REVIEW: of Without Roots (Emanuel L. Paparella, Newropeans)
    -REVIEW: of Without Roots (Kirkus)
    -REVIEW: of Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977 by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Richard John Neuhaus, January 1998, First Things)
    -REVIEW: of Salt of the Earth: The Church at the End of the Century. By Joseph Ratzinger. An Interview with Peter Seewald (Thomas D. Williams, First Things)
    -REVIEW: of Truth and Tolerance: Christian Belief and World Religions. By Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Paul J. Griffiths, First Things)
    -REVIEW: of TRUTH AND TOLERANCE: Christian Belief and World Religions, by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger. Translated by Henry Taylor (PAT McCLOSKEY, O.F.M., American Catholic)
-REVIEW: of God and the World: A Conversation with Peter Seewald, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Russell Shaw, Crisis)
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