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Grade: (A+)


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Gary Giddins (2 books reviewed)
Music Literature
Gary Giddins Links:

    Satchuated: Running Down the Rabbit Hole at the Louis Armstrong Archive (Gary Giddins, April 16 - 22, 2003, Village Voice)
    -ESSAY: Louis Armstrong 1901–1971 (Gary Giddins, June 6 - 12, 2001, Voice Jazz Supplement)
    CHAPTER ONE: of Visions of Jazz: The First Century: Louis Armstrong/Mills Brothers (Signifying) (Gary Giddins)
    -EXCERPT: Great Encounters: When Bing Crosby met Louis Armstrong: Excerpted from Bing Crosby: A Pocketful of Dreams: by Gary Giddins
    -EXCERPT: From Bing Crosby: THE HARRIGANS
    Flee as a Bird: Envoi; Aloha, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen; Adiós Amigos; I'm Checkin' Out, Goombye (Gary Giddins, 12/15/03, Village Voice)
    Benny Carter, 1907-2003: A Gentleman You Didn't MeKing of Jazz Benny Is Dead, Long Live King of Jazz Sonny (Gary Giddins, Village Voice)ss With: The King and His Honors and His Many Revolutions (Gary Giddins, Village Voice)
    -ESSAY: Swashbuckler: Erroll Garner Played for Fun (Gary Giddins, June 4 - 10, 2003, Voice Literary Supplement)
    Best Jazz CDs of 2002: Everything That Rises Must Converge (Gary Giddins, January 6th, 2003, Village Voice)
    The Present Moment: Sonny Rollins at the Summit (Gary Giddins, October 7th, 2002, Village Voice)
    Weather Bird: Lionel Hampton, 1908-2002 After 75 Years Onstage, a Well-Earned Rest (Gary Giddins, September 23rd, 2002, Village Voice)
    Say It Isn't So : How Not to Broaden the Jazz Canvas (Gary Giddins, July 3 - 9, 2002, Village Voice)
    -ESSAY: Post-War Jazz: An Arbitrary Road Map (Gary Giddins, June 5 - 11, 2002, Voice Literary Supplement)
    -ESSAY: A Quartet of Five: Dave Brubeck Cultivates a Crowd, Calibrates Time, and Finds His Wings (Gary Giddins, May 4th, 2001, Village Voice)
    -ESSAY: Minnie the Moocher's Revenge: Sing Along With the JVC All-Stars (Gary Giddins, July 11 - 17, 2001, Village Voice)
    -ESSAY: Signposts of Posthistory: The Best New Jazz CDs of the Year of Louis and Miles (Gary Giddins, January 3 - 9, 2001, Village Voice)
    -ESSAY: Saved by the Classics: Bell Meets (Is?) Big Brother (Gary Giddins, June 21 - 27, 2000, Village Voice)
    -ESSAY: Requiem for a Flag-Waver (Gary Giddins, July 8 - 14, 1998, Village Voice)
    -ESSAY ARCHIVES: "Gary Giddins" (Village Voice)
    -REVIEW ESSAY: Still Curious: a review of I Am Curious Yellow Gary Giddins, Criterion Collection)
    -REVIEW ESSAY: Eternal Times Square: a review of shadows by John Cassavetes (Gary Giddins, Criterion Collection)
    -REVIEW: of FLYING HOME and other stories By Ralph Ellison (Gary Giddins, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW: of I Can't Wait on God By Albert French (Gary Giddins, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW: of GROUCHO The Life and Times of Julius Henry Marx. By Stefan Kanfer (Gary Giddins, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW: of MARLON BRANDO By Patricia Bosworth (Gary Giddins, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW: of IN BLACK AND WHITE The Life of Sammy Davis, Jr. By Wil Haygood (Gary Giddins, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW : of Ravelstein by Saul Bellow (Gary Giddins, Village Voice)
    -ARCHIVES: "gary giddins" (FindArticles)
    -INTERVIEW ARCHIVES: Conversations with Gary Giddins: Exclusive interviews with the country's preeminent jazz critic (Jerry Jazz Musician)
    -INTERVIEW: Gary Giddins conversation on Bing Crosby (Jerry Jazz Musician, March 2001)
    -INTERVIEW: Gary Giddins (Andrew Ford, 10/05/2003, The Music Show)
    -AUDIO INTERVIEW: Jazz Critic and Writer Gary Giddins (Fresh Air, May 27, 2003)
    -INTERVIEW: A Conversation with Gary Giddins: about jazz legend Sonny Rollins. (Jerry Jazz, October 21, 2002)
    -REVIEW: of A Pocketful of Dreams by Gary Giddins (David Hajdu, The Village Voice)
    -REVIEW: of Pocketful of Dreams (ROBERT GOTTLIEB, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW: of Pocketful of Dreams (Janet Maslin, NY Times)
    -REVIEW: of A Pocketful of Dreams by Gary Giddins (Chris Morris, LA Weekly)
    -REVIEW: of A Pocketful of Dreams by Gary Giddins (Benjamin Ivry, The Christian Science Monitor)
    -REVIEW: of A Pocketful of Dreams by Gary Giddins (Allen Barra, Salon)
    -REVIEW: of A Pocketful of Dreams(RICHARD CORLISS, TIME)
    -REVIEW: of Pocketful of Dreams (Geoffrey O'Brien, NY Review of Books)
    -REVIEW: of A Pocketful of Dreams (Ron Kaplan, Bookreporter)
    -REVIEW: of Weather Bird: Jazz at the Dawn of its Second Century by Gary Giddins (Michael Faber, The Guardian)
    -REVIEW: of Visions of Jazz by Gary Giddins (Alfred Appel Jr., NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW: of Visions of Jazz (Bill Carey, Book Page)

    -FILMOGRAPHY: Gary Giddins (
    -FILMOGRAPHY: Gary Giddins (NY Times)

Book-related and General Links:

    -ESSAY: Bing Crosby: Singer of the Century (Thomas Sowell, April 29, 2004, Jewish World Review)