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Turtle Diary ()

Turtle Diary is such a quirky and distinctively British book it's surprising to find that Russell Hoban was born in Pennsylvania. the story concerns two thoroughly isolated people, William G., who's divorced from his wife and doesn't see his daughters, and Neaera H., an author of children's book, who keeps bugs, like the one's she writes about, rather than cats.

Separately they settle on the notion of releasing some sea turtles being kept at the London Zoo, but end up doing it in tandem, with the consent of one of the keepers. In someone else's hands that scenario might be fodder for romance or slapstick, but Mr. Hoban is after different game.
The man from the bookshop, would he be willing to drive the van? I think he's perhaps already thought of it, without me of course. Possibly it isn't something he'd like to share with anyone, I might be intruding. But the turtles are after all public, so to speak. Perhaps they no longer want the ocean and I'm wrong to impose my feelings on them. No, it's not always a comfort to find a like-minded person. If the bookshop man and I both have designs on the turtles we have got to muddle through it as decently as possible but there's little to be said between us beyond that. We've too much in common for us to be comfortable in each other's presence for very long.
The turtles only bring these people together briefly. They're capable of setting the turtles free but not of poking their own heads out of their emotional carapaces for more than a moment or two.

The book is written in alternating diary-style entries and is wryly funny. But the overall effect is terribly sad. It's not so much a matter of our wishing these two people would get together but a recognition of how desperate they are in their current situations. Neaera, in particular, who dwells on her childhood home of Claister and the village of Polperro in Cornwall that she recently visited, at one point says:
I'm always afraid of being lost, the secret navigational art of turtles seems a sacred thing to me.
Whatever else we may say about these two characters, they've navigated themselves into miserable dead-ends.


Grade: (B+)


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