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Grade: (C+)


Mark Judge Links:

    -ARCHIVES: Mark Gauvreau Judge (Front Page)
    -ARCHIVES: Mark Gauvreau Judge (Baltimore City Paper)
    -ESSAY: The Home of Happy Feet: An Essay on Swing Dancing, Spirituality and the American Dream (Mark Gauvreau Judge, Jitterbuzz)
    -ESSAY: Lost Horizon: National Geographic once represented the open mind and questing heart of classical liberalism at its best. Now, it's content with woke platitudes. (Mark Judge, 5/11/22, Law & Liberty)
    -ESSAY: Dua Lipa, like Pope Benedict, Strives to Give Eros Dignity (Mark Judge, 6/03/24, Chronicles)
-ESSAY: Solzhenitsyn’s Prescient Account of “A World Split Apart” (Mark Judge, 6/08/18, Law & Liberty)
    -ESSAY: Macbeth as Film Noir Thriller : The Tragedy of Macbeth uses the sharp angles, intense close-ups, and geometric lighting of film noir to convey the dread of a tormented soul. (Mark Judge, 1/14/22, Law & Liberty)
    Margaret Cho: Dingbat (Mark Gauvreau Judge, 12/6/2005, American Spectator)
    -ESSAY: Andrew Sullivan and Father Joe: The Demystification of Sex (Mark Gauvreau Judge, July 7, 2004, Breakpoint)
    -ESSAY: Strangers in the House: When Catholics in the Media Turned Against the Church (Mark Gauvreau Judge, November 2003, Crisis)
    -ESSAY: A Day at the Book Fair (Mark Gauvreau Judge, October 17, 2003,
    -ESSAY: My Continuing Education (Mark Gauvreau Judge, February 28, 2003,
    -ESSAY: War and Resentment (Mark Gauvreau Judge, February 26, 2003,
    -ESSAY: Dissent with Dignity (Mark Gauvreau Judge, February 13, 2003,
    -ESSAY: Confessions of a Former Utopian (Mark Gauvreau Judge, February 6, 2003,
    -ESSAY: Washington's Forgotten Black Conservatives (Mark Gauvreau Judge, March 29, 2001,
    -ESSAY: Critical Mess - Why the Rock Elites Keep Kissing Eminem's Ass... (February 28, 2001, Baltimore City Paper)
-ESSAY: The Hustler (Mark Gauvreau Judge, January 17 - January 23, 2001, Baltimore City Paper)
    -ESSAY: The Trouble with Harry - A Ringing Dissent to Pottermania... (Mark Gauvreau Judge, July 12, 2000, Baltimore City Paper)
    -ESSAY: Back to the Future (Mark Gauvreau Judge, August/September 1999, First Things)
    -ESSAY: Haunted House (Mark Gauvreau Judge, October 31, 2003, Wall Street Journal)
    -ESSAY: The Day After: Between Jesus' death and Resurrection, what happened? (MARK GAUVREAU JUDGE, April 18, 2003, Wall Street Journal)
    -ESSAY: War and Resentment (Mark Gauvreau Judge, February 26, 2003,
    -ESSAY: Bring Back Hate: It's a lost virtue in lost times. (Mark Gauvreau Judge, 9/10/2003, NY Press)
    -ESSAY: Baseball Back in Washington (Mark Gauvreau Judge, 3/27/2002, NY Press)
    -REVIEW: of The Cat on a Hot Thin Groove: The Complete Collection of 78RPM Artwork from the Old Record Changer Magazine By Gene Deitch (Mark Gauvreau Judge, NY Press)
    -REVIEW: of If It Ain't Got That Swing (Hugh Lieber, First Things)
    -REVIEW: of If It Ain't Got That Swing: The Rebirth of Grown-Up Culture, by Mark Gauvreau Judge (Jesse Walker, Reason)
    -REVIEW: of If It Ain't Got That Swing (David Trumbull)
    -REVIEW: of If It Ain't Got That Swing (Nathaniel Taylor, Christianity Today)

Book-related and General Links:
-ESSAY: No Nazi Party: Youth Rebels of the Third Reich: Tom Neuhaus looks at the subversive young Germans known as Swing Youth who refused to have their hobbies and tastes dictated to them by the Nazis and provoked the regime by their devotion to American and British music and fashion. (Tom Neuhaus, November 2005, History Today)