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Leo Strauss Links:

    -LECTURE: Leo Strauss: What Is Liberal Education? (The University of Chicago, An Address Delivered at the Tenth Annual Graduation Exercises of the Basic Program of Liberal Education for Adults, June 6, 1959)
-INTERVIEW: Leo Strauss on Greatness and Democracy: An Interview with Timothy W. Burns (Timothy Burns and Hope Leman, May 11, 2023, Public Discourse)
    -ESSAY: The Primacy of the Good: Remembering Leo Strauss. (Harry V. Jaffa, Summer–Fall 1982, Modern Age)
    -ESSAY: Leo Strauss and the Possibility of Political Wisdom: Strauss lived the philosophic life as had all philosophers before him: with one eye on the demands of necessity and the other on the full scope of the questions. His continual emphasis on this twofold character of philosophic writing has the twofold benefit of cultivating both theoretical and practical humility, humility about what can be known and what can be done. ALEX PRIOU, 3/22/23, Public Discourse)
-ESSAY: Leo Strauss and the Promise of Political Philosophy (daniel j. mahoney, 4/16/24, Law & Liberty)
    -ESSAY: Strauss Was Right (Brian Carney, 18/06/2003, Tech Central Station)
    -ESSAY: The Real Leo Strauss: Recent articles have portrayed my father, Leo Strauss, as the mastermind behind the neoconservative ideologues who control U.S. foreign policy. I do not recognize the Leo Strauss in these articles. (JENNY STRAUSS CLAY, 6/07/03, NY Times)
    -ESSAY: Leo Strauss (David McBryde)
    -ESSAY: What Hath Strauss Wrought?: Misreading a political philosopher. (Peter Berkowitz, 06/02/2003, Weekly Standard)
    -ESSAY: Guiding Principles (Jim Lobe,
    -ESSAY: Neo-cons in a religious bind (SPENGLER, 6/05/03, Asia Times)
    ESSAY: The secret that Leo Strauss never revealed (Spengler, May 13, 2003, Asia Times)
    -ESSAY: THE ROVING EYE: This war is brought to you by ... (Pepe Escobar, Asia Times)
    -ESSAY: Hands up, Straussians! (Bret Stephens, 6/04/03, Jerusalem Post)
    -EXCERPT: from LEO STRAUSS AND THE AMERICAN RIGHT By Shadia B. Drury: Chapter Four: American Applications of Straussian Philosophy
    -ESSAY: A Classicist's Legacy: New Empire Builders (JAMES ATLAS, May 4, 2003, NY Times)
    -ESSAY: Neoconservatives: They emerged from behind the scenes politically to change American foreign policy. But they've always been there, and Iraq is only one of their goals. (Dick Polman, 5/04/03, Philly Inquirer)
    -ESSAY: FROM FRONTIERSMAN TO NEO-CON: An essential guide to the history of US foreign policy by renowned historian: American neo-conservatives are sometimes seen as bringing an altogether new agenda to US foreign policy. In reality an aggressive, expansionist and ideological America goes back almost as far as the nation itself. Nevertheless, the "neo-cons" have combined two different traditions in American thinking with spectacular results, at least in the short term. In the longer run, the new policy may come back to America's disadvantage unless a sounder, more common sense approach prevails. (GODFREY HODGSON, Open Democracy)
    -ESSAY: Pope John Paul II as the philosopher of neoconservatism (Lawrence Auster, August 03, 2002, Counter Revolution)
    -ESSAY: The Leo-conservatives (GERHARD SPOERL, August 4, 2003, Der Spiegel)

   -ESSAY: Leo Strauss and the Straussians: An Anti-Democratic Cult? (Gregory Bruce Smith, June 1997, PS: Political Science and Politics)
   -ESSAY: The Modern World of Leo Strauss (Robert B. Pippin, August 1992, Political Theory)
   -ESSAY: Athens, Jerusalem, Mecca: Leo Strauss's "Muslim" Understanding of Greek Philosophy (Remi Brague, Summer 1998, Poetics Today)
   -ESSAY: The Esoteric Philosophy of Leo Strauss (S. B. Drury, August 1985, Political Theory)

    -REVIEW: of Leo Strauss on Hegel, Edited by Paul Franco (Grant Havers, Modern Age)
    -REVIEW: Of Strauss, Spinoza & Sinai: Orthodox Judaism and Modern Questions of Faith, Edited by Jeffrey Bloom, Alec Goldstein & Gil Student (David Gordon, Modern Age)

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