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Patrick Buchanan (2 books reviewed)
Conservative Thought
Patrick Buchanan Links:

    -WIKIPEDIA: Patrick Buchanan
    -ESSAY: Pat Buchanan and an America First Foreign Policy (Francis P. Sempa, 2/26/23, University Bookman)

Book-related and General Links:

    -Demographic Research: a free, expedited, peer-reviewed journal of the population sciences
    -Population and social conditions (EuroStat)
    -ESSAY: Demography and the West: Half a billion Americans? (The Economist, Aug 22nd 2002)
    -ESSAY: Europe‚Äôs population has developed new tendency to shrink, Science study reports: Timing of childbirth cited as key factor (American Association for the Advancement of Science)
    -ESSAY: Replacement Migration: Is It a Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations? (United Nations Population Division: Department of Economic and Social Affairs)
    -ARTICLE: Aging Europe Finds Its Pension Is Running Out (RICHARD BERNSTEIN, June 29, 2003, NY Times)
    -ESSAY: Europe's Population at a Turning Point (Wolfgang Lutz, Brian C. O'Neill, Sergei Scherbov, Science)
Europe has just entered a critical phase of its demographic evolution. Around the year 2000, the population began to generate "negative momentum": a tendency to decline owing to shrinking cohorts of young people that was brought on by low fertility (birthrate) over the past three decades. Currently, the effect of negative momentum on future population is small. However, each additional decade that fertility remains at its present low level will imply a further decline in the European Union (EU) of 25 to 40 million people, in the absence of offsetting effects from immigration or rising life expectancy. Governments in Europe are beginning to consider a range of policy options to address the negative implications of population decline and rapid aging. Social policies and labor laws aimed at halting the further increase in the mean age of childbearing--which contributes to low fertility--have substantial scope for affecting future demographic trends. They also have an additional health rationale because of the increasing health risks associated with childbearing in older women.

    -ESSAY: ALL 10 MILLION EUROPEANS: The last two generations grew up with the idea of the "population explosion". For a century the world has lived with constant upward revision of population forecasts: the only question was if the growth would be fast, or very fast. And the last generation faced the question: how many billions can this planet support? So it is a culture shock, when new projections of global population include scenarios of dramatic population decline - without any meteorite impacts, new epidemics, or famines. Or when a UN report suggests that Europe needs 700 million immigrants to maintain its age structure... Is the future population nightmare not rural Bangladesh, but rural Estonia? (Paul Treanor, March 2003)
    -ARTICLE: European Population Growth Slowing (AP, March 27, 2003)
    -ESSAY: Farewell to the old world: Iraq is the catalyst for the draining of power from the UN, EU and Nato (Gwyn Prins, March 15, 2003, The Guardian)
    -ESSAY: Europeans have opted for the quiet life - but they are in for a big shock: The EU will remain politically impotent - my greater concern is that it will lose the economic game too (Hamish McRae, 19 February 2003, Independent)
    -ESSAY: Europe's Muslim Street: Muslims confront the United States, in the place their votes count most. (Omer Taspinar, Foreign Policy)
    -ESSAY: Scandinavia Fails To Collapse - Yet (Steve Sailer, March 02, 2003,
    -ESSAY: IS THERE STILL A WEST? (William Anthony Hay, American Diplomacy)