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Grade: (B+)


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Simon Schama Links:

    -Simon Schama : University Professor (Columbia University)
    -BOOK SITE : A History of Britain, Volume II : The Wars of the British 1603-1776 By Simon Schama (FSB Associates)
    -EXCERPT : "The New Forest" from Landscape and Memory
    -ESSAY : The Day America Took the Hit of Its Life (Simon Schama, September 14, 2001, The Guardian)
    -ESSAY : Shooting Britannia (Simon Schama, April 1999, Perspectives Online : American Historical Association)
    -BOOK LIST : My favourite history books (Simon Schama, The Guardian)
-REVIEW: of Churchill by Roy Jenkins (Simon Schama, NY Review of Books) -REVIEW: of Lynn Hunt. Politics, Culture, and Class in the French Revolution (Simon Schama, American Historical Review)
    -LECTURE : Rembrandt's Eyes (Simon Schama, 14 December 1999, The John Adams Institute)
-INTERVIEW: Election 2002 Analysis: What does it mean for America to have a president with the freedom to do what he wants in the world and the power with which to do it? (NOW with Bill Moyers, 11/08/02, PBS)
    -INTERVIEW: 1066 is no longer all that: Victoria Hislop asks Simon Schama and Tristram Hunt where our teaching of history is going wrong (booksonline, 01/06/2002)
    -INTERVIEW : 'I want to return history to everybody' : In his major new BBC TV series, A History of Britain, Simon Schama embraces both conflict and continuity to tell a nation's story. (GREG NEALE, October 2000, BBC History Magazine)
    -INTERVIEW : Rembrandt Revealed : with Simon Schama (Paul Solman, December 16, 1996, Online Newshour)
    -INTERVIEW : with Simon Schama (Val Ross, November 1999, Globe and Mail)
    -INTERVIEW : ROUGHING UP THE SURFACE : Simon Schama and Martin Scorsese Talk About How They Make History (Civilization, February/March 1998)
-AUDIO INTERVIEW : Revisiting Rembrandt (The Connection, November 15, 1999)
    -CHAT : History of Britain with Simon Schama (November 2001, Wahington Post)
    -PROFILE: History man: Simon Schama is TV's most popular historian, so why does he feel inadequate? Cassandra Jardine, 10/18/02, booksonline)
    -PROFILE : A history of Simon Schama (15 June, 2001, BBC)
    -PROFILE : The history man : Schama's drama puts the stars to shame (November 13, 2000, The Guardian)
    -ESSAY : Was Simon Schama Fair to the Facts of the John White Webster Case?
    -ESSAY : My inspiration : Simon Schama, historian (John Crace, October 17, 2000, The Guardian)
    -ESSAY : England accused of ethnic cleansing... 700 years ago (Jason Burke, October 1, 2000, The Observer)
-ESSAY : Schama's TV trial of 'war criminal' Cromwell (Jason Burke, 06 May, 2001, The Observer)
    -ESSAY : Fathom it out : Simon Schama's seminar on liberty and slavery is a hot new weapon in the webucation war. (Donald MacLeod, May 8, 2001, The Guardian)
    -ESSAY : Notes on a Vist (Stanley Kaufman, February 1998, The New Republic)
    -ESSAY : Tulipmania : The Queen of the Night (The Economist, October 31, 1998)
    -ARCHIVES : schama (BBC)
    -ARCHIVES : Simon Schama (NY Review of Books)
    -ARCHIVES : Simon Schama (Find Articles)
    -REVIEW : of A History of Britain: the British Wars 1603-1776 by Simon Schama (Anthony Pagden, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW : of A History Of Britain: Volume Ii, The British Wars, 1603-1776 by Simon Schama (Blair Worden, The Spectator)
    -REVIEW : of A History of Britain: the British Wars 1603-1776 (R.F. Foster, The New Republic)
    -REVIEW : of A History of Britain: at the Edge of the World? 3000 BC - AD 1603 by Simon Schama (Patrick Wormald, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW : of A History Of Britain by Simon Schama (Raymond Carr , The Spectator)
    -REVIEW : of A History of Britain I (Robert McCrum, The Observer)
    -REVIEW : of A History of Britain, Part 1 (History Today, Jeremy Black)
    -REVIEW: of Patriots and Liberators: Revolution in the Netherlands, 1780-1813 by Simon Schama (Owen Connelly, American Historical Review)
    -REVIEW: of Two Rothschilds and the Land of Israel by Simon Schama (Raphael Patai, American Historical Review)
    -REVIEW: of The Embarrassment of Riches: An Interpretation of Dutch Culture in the Golden Age by Simon Schama (J. L. Price, American Historical Review)
    -REVIEW : of CITIZENS A Chronicle of the French Revolution. By Simon Schama (1989) (Eugen Weber, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW : of Dead Certainties (Gordon S. Wood)
    -REVIEW : of Dead Certainties (RWB Lewis)
    -REVIEW : of Dead Certainties (Karen Halttunen, Jopurnal of American History)
    -REVIEW : of Dead Certainties (Louis P. Masur, William & Mary Quarterly)
    -REVIEW : of Dead Certainties (Luise White, American Historical Review)
    -REVIEW : of Landscape and Memory, by Simon Schama (Gregory McNamee, Tucson Weekly)
    -REVIEW : of Landscape and Memory (Carter B. Horsley, City Review)
    -REVIEW : of Rembrandt's Eyes (Michael Kimmelman, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW : of Rembrandt's Eyes (Peter Conrad, The Observer)
    -REVIEW : of Rembrandt's Eyes (Matthew DeBord, Salon)
    -REVIEW : of Rembrandt's Eyes (Kenneth Baker, SF Chronicle)
    -REVIEW : of Rembrandt's Eyes (Terry W. Hartle, CS Monitor)
    -REVIEW : of Rembrandt's Eyes (Chris Wyrick, Book Page)
    -REVIEW : of Rembrandt's Eyes (ROGER GATHMAN, Austin Chronicle)
    -REVIEW : of Rembrandt's Eyes ( Insight on the News, Michael J. Lewis)
    -REVIEW : of Rembrandt's Eyes (Christian Century, Stephanie Dickey)
    -REVIEW : of Rembrandt's Eyes (National Review, James Gardner)
    -AWARD : 2001 Saint Louis Literary Award

    -SERIES SITE : A History of Britain (BBC)
    -ESSAY : Database Kings (Dominic Sandbrook, Voice of the Turtle)
    -REVIEW : of A History of Britain (John Leonard, CBS Sunday Morning)
    -REVIEW : of A History of Britain, Part 2 (Michael E. Hill, Washington Post)
    -REVIEW : of A History of Britain, Part 2 (Joanne Weintraub, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
    -REVIEW: of A History of Britain: The Fate of Empire 1776-2000 (JOHN MUGGERIDGE, Globe & Mail)
    -REVIEW : of A History of Britain, Part 2 (ANNMAREE BELLMAN, The Age)
    -REVIEW : of Part 2 (Robert Bianco, USA TODAY)
    -DVD REVIEW: of A History of Britain (Justin Champion, Institute of Historical Research)
    -DVD REVIEW: A History of Britain (Wade Major, Box Office Online)

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