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This is a short guidebook to birds with its smart tongue planted deep in its cheek.  It's copiously illustrated with photographs of bird droppings (splays) on car windshields and instructions on how to tell what species of bird they came from.  As the authors say: "A knowledge of each splay is essential to fully describe and understand the variations in ornithological dejecta."  It's largely by taking the subject exactly that faux seriously, but then subverting it with the choice of topic and some very funny invented vocabulary, that they elicit laughs. Here, for instance, is one of their terms of art and its definition:

    audibon: Soft sound made by avian dejecta as it strikes a windshield and forms a splay.  Audi (l) sound, bon (fr) good, literally, good sound.

The book's kind of a one-trick pony, but a very amusing trick.


Grade: (B+)


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