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To Kill a Mockingbird () Top 100 Books of the Millenium

I keep rereading the Modern Library Top 100 list because I'm sure there's been a mistake. I could have sworn this 1961 Pulitzer Prize Winner & basis for the great movie had made the list. It's an outrage that it did not.

I'm sure everyone knows the story, so I won't rehash it. Let me just say that Atticus Finch is the finest creation in the history of American Literature. He is a good man in every sense of the word. His willingness to stand up for what is right, in the face of hostile public opinion & entrenched societal mores, provides an example that is all too rare in our times.

Long after most of the dreck that populates the list is relegated to the ash heap of history, we'll be reading this book & measuring ourselves against the standard that Atticus provides.


Grade: (A+)