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The Red Balloon [Le Ballon Rouge] (1956)

There are so many reasons to hate France and so many of us who do, that it may well be futile to try and nail down one primary reason for our collective loathing.  Nonetheless, for those of us who were born in the 60s, there's one factor, above all others, that forged our contempt : The Red Balloon.  We are the lost generation that had to sit through this godawful flick in some stinking grade school auditorium every time that it rained and we weren't allowed out on the playground for recess.

I don't recall, but I suppose the first time we saw it we may have even thought it was mildly cute.  It's fairly harmless--a little kid is followed all around some miserable, bombed out, French city by a vibrantly colored red balloon that he finds tied to a lamppost.  It eludes the grasp of others, but bobs and weaves all over the place so that the boy can tow it around.  After disrupting school and church it is finally hunted down by a gang of nearly feral French schoolchildren who stone it to death.  There follows the obligatory resurrection (the balloon having previously been immaculately conceived and crucified) as the boy is transported heavenwards by a host of balloons.  Hard to believe then how grating these 34 minutes of celluloid become by the end of the first viewing, never mind on the umpteenth.  We used to sit in the dark and pray that just this one time someone would burst the balloon in the first few minutes and save us from misery.  To no avail...

As it happens, I grew up in the inner city (the polite, modern word for ghetto) : East Orange, New Jersey.  So in addition to this film, we were shown these horrifyingly graphic drug withdrawal movies supplied by the Essex County Sheriff's office and safety films made by the Erie Lackawanna Railway (we had tracks running in back of the school), that were designed to scare the bejeezus out of us as they depicted kids' body parts being picked up with sticks and spoons and shoved in garbage bags.  Let's put it this way, thanks to this assortment of films, I don't play in switching yards, I've never taken heroin, and the only time I ever want to see France is through the range finder onboard the Enola Gay.

GRADE : H (as in, send in the Huns)


Grade: (F)


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