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Randy Wayne White played in the Senior Baseball League, writes a column for Outside magazine & some terrific fishing stories (Batfishing in the Rain Forest: Strange Tales of Travel & Fishing) and is the author of the outstanding Doc Ford novels.  Not bad...

Doc Ford is a marine biologist who formerly held a somewhat shadowy position in US Intelligence.  This installment of the series finds Doc & his burn-out hippie friend Tomlinson investigating the death of explosion victim Jimmy Darroux.  This leads them to Jimmy's delectable widow Hannah and a feud between sport fisherman and net fishermen over a pending netting ban.  As the violence escalates, noone is safe & Doc's moral compunctions are challenged and then shattered.

If you haven't discovered this great writer & wonderful series yet, I urge you to give them a read.  The cover blurbs comparing him to John D. MacDonald, Carl Hiassen & Elmore Leonard are well deserved.


Grade: (A)


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