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The Debt to Pleasure ()

Whitbread Prize Winners (1996)

This debut novel by the British book reviewer and food critic, John Lanchester, owes a roughly equal debt to Jean-Anthelme Brillat Savarin's The Physiology of Taste, perhaps the most revered book on cooking ever written, and to Vladimir Nabokov's classics Lolita and Pale Fire, with a dash of Remains of the Day thrown in. The book starts out as mere "culinary reflections" by a brilliant, arrogant, pedantic, almost grotesquely loquacious Englishman named Tarquin Winot :

    Over the years, many people have pleaded with me to commit to paper my thoughts on the subject
    of food.  Indeed the words 'Why don't you write a book about it?,' uttered in an admittedly wide
    variety of tones and inflections, have come to possess something of the quality of a mantra--one
    tending to be provoked by a disquisition of mine on, for instance, the composition of an
    authoritative cassoulet, or Victorian techniques for baking hedgehogs in clay.

These reflections, structured around specific menus, and presented over the course of a travelogue, are fascinating, as they veer off onto obscure tangents, and slyly funny, as Winot completely dominates the book with his distinctive voice and maddeningly egotistical monologues. But the reader quickly comes to distrust him and eventually to suspect his motives.  He is after all traveling in disguise, seems to be following a young couple, and reveals the unfortunate ends met by his brother, a famous artist, and several others over the course of his life.  These facts, combined with the elitist morality he espouses, raise some uncomfortable questions about what exactly Mr. Winot is up to here.

Unlike Pale Fire or Dom Casmurro by Machado de Assis, in the end there's not much doubt left about the central events of the novel.  Mr. Lanchester is less interested in preserving the mystery than in the hugely entertaining character he's created.  Tarquin Winot, even if he is a sociopath, is a very amusing one.  And Mr Lanchester has rare common sense enough to keep the book brief,  ending the "gastro-historico-psycho-autobiographico-anthropico-philosophic lucubrations" before Winot's act grows tiresome.

If you always knew the Frugal Gourmet had something to hide.  If Martha Stewart's icy WASP demeanor has always seemed like a front to you.  Read The Debt to Pleasure and in its deliciously insidious pages have your worst fears confirmed, about the hideous evil that lurks behind these facades of condescending homemaking competence.


Grade: (A-)


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