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Nightwing ()

Without a doubt, the worst movie I ever had the displeasure of paying to see (on a date with Sharon Altman before she was ordered to stop seeing the goyim), Nightwing turns out to be a fine thriller.  It's Stephen King by way of Tony Hillerman as plague ridden vampire bats descend on a Hopi reservation.

Replete with a lone hero tribal policeman, corrupt Indian politicians, a mad scientist, bigoted evangelists & a vengeful shaman, this early effort from Martin Cruz Smith does not measure up to the Arkady Renko series, but it's fun.


Grade: (C+)


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The hilarious thing about the awfulness of the movie especially as compared to the very enjoyable book is that the movie stupidly omits the best (and most cinematic!) scene in the book, the helicopter crash. Smith *handed* them that scene on a silver platter, practically storyboarded it for them. Guess they cheaped out.

- Brian Jones

- May-21-2004, 16:05