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Roald Dahl was, by all accounts, a terrible human being.  But he's also the author of several marvelous books for kids, some good creepy short stories for adults and a couple really good memoirs.  He is best known for his great children's book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory made iconic by the classic schlocky movie version, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

This is another one of those classics that has become so familiar that it is perhaps easy to lose sight of its pretty stern moral tone.  In addition to being generally obnoxious, all four of the other kids represent some bad habit of children:

    Augustus Gloomp: gluttony
    Verucka Salt: avarice and greed
    Violet Beauregarde: gum chewing
    Mike Teavee:  excess television viewing

The obnoxious children come to various horrible ends, each in keeping with his or her particular vice.  Meanwhile, it is the good child, Charlie Bucket, who is chosen to take over Wonka's business.

A very funny book that teaches simple yet valuable lessons.


Grade: (A)


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