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Michael Crichton has sold a zillion books, mostly by sticking to one simple formula--take a relatively stable social system and introduce some threatening variable, most often technology based, that proceeds to wreak havoc.  The vital subtext, particularly for an author who appeals mainly to the frequent flyer crowd, is that these threats play on the many fears of middle class, middle aged, white men--in Andromeda Strain it's biological warfare, in Rising Sun it's the Japanese (remember when they were going to rule the world?), in Jurassic Park it's DNA tampering, in Sphere it's aliens, in Disclosure it's women in the workplace and, in what surely must have been a disquieting touch for his target audience, in Airframe it's airline safety.  How fitting then that in Eaters of the Dead he returns to the legend of Beowulf, one of the primal tales of dread from the murky Anglo Saxon past.

In 1974 one of Crichton's friends, a college professor, joked about teaching a literature course on "The Great Bores", among which he counted Beowulf.  Crichton laudably came to the defense of this classic (see Orrin's review) and decided to try and retell the tale for a modern audience.  Eventually he decided to move the setting of the story forward in time to 922 AD so that he could have a historical figure, the Arab traveler Ahmad Ibn Fadlan, narrate it.   Ibn Fadlan was an emissary of the Caliph of Bagdad who came into contact with Vikings during his journey into modern Russia and left behind a manuscript detailing his experiences.

For the purposes of the novel, Crichton has him meet up with a band of Northmen lead by the warrior Buliwyf just as they have been summoned to Hurot Hall to help King Rothgar repel the mysterious and terrifying Eaters of the Dead, a horde of seemingly demonic beasts who attack under cover of night and fog.  A soothsaying crone insists that he accompany them as the 13th member of their party.  As he finds out later, his inclusion is necessitated by cosmological and numerological superstition:

    I learned that these Northmen have some notion that the year does not fit with exactitude into
    thirteen passages of the moon, and thus the number thirteen is not stable and fixed in their minds.
    The thirteenth passage is called magical and foreign, and Herger says, "Thus for the thirteenth man
    you were chosen as foreign."

Initially repulsed by their violence and carnality and by their lack of hygiene, the more cultured--even effette--Ibn Fadlan gradually becomes an integral member of the band, developing a particularly good friendship with the affable Herger, and, unlike most of his comrades, survives the repeated savage encounters with the Eaters of the Dead (or wendol, as they are also known) to become the official chronicler of their adventure.

I thought that it took Crichton a little too long to set the stage here, particularly for such a short book, and the technique of casting the tale in Ibn Fadlan's voice and style makes for a somewhat archaic narrative.  But once the action gets going it is great fun.  I read the book after seeing the movie version, The 13th Warrior, which though it got decidedly mixed reviews I enjoyed greatly.  Basically what you've got here is a combination of Beowulf and The Magnificent Seven with a smidgen of anthropology thrown in for good measure; what's not to like?


Grade: (B)


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