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I recall Martin Walker as a frequent presence on American talking head shows--like The McLaughlin Group--in the '90s and liked him then, though didn't always agree with him. Then he sort of disappeared and I hadn't seen or read much of him for years before his Bruno mysteries started turning up on Thrift Store bookshelves. You can't begrudge a writer trying out a different milieu but the encomiums on the covers, but a lot of them suggested nothing more than cozy mysteries and chat about French food and wine. Not that there can't be good cozies--M.C. Beaton--or that food can't be a theme of a good series--as with Inspector Montalbano--but one does prefer a darker tone to a police procedural. I finally read the first in the series and it's a pleasant surprise.

As with so many first novels, the author has kind of over-stuffed his main character. Benoît Courrèges is a former soldier deployed in the Balkans, now universally known as Bruno in the Dordogne village of Saint-Denis where he polices without a gun, coaches youth rugby, manages the local tennis club and is learning to produce or trade for as much food as he can. There's a lot going on here but what Mr. Walker is apparently shooting for is mostly the immersive lifestyle he's found for himself in moving to the Perigord.

Our first indication that there's more here than just cuteness comes when Bruno helps the townfolk conspire to avoid the bureaucrats who are looking for EU regulation violations on market day. In his own way, he explains the logic of Brexit better than he ever could have in a Guardian column. Then, when Hamid Mustafa al-Bakr, a veteran of the Algerian War who won the Croix de Guerre fighting for France, is brutally murdered, a swastika carved in his chest, we get a forthright exploration of the sort of National Front nativist neo-Nazism that plagues France and the book could almost be a forecast of Trumpism.

What's most impressive is that Mr. Walker manages to strike a balance between these political themes, the unraveling of the mystery and the enchanting lifestyle of the French countryside. Suffice it to say, I have five more from the series stacked up on my bedside.


Grade: (A)


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I have been especially intrigued by Bruno’s world because the Périgord, where duck fat is a way of life, is a backwater for wine, even if it is just an hour inland from Bordeaux.

The Périgord has been continually occupied for 70,000 years, since Neanderthals hunted in the forests and early modern humans created the masterpieces adorning the caves of Lascaux. Though the region has winemaking traditions that date back centuries, its Bergerac wines are little known in the world beyond. Even so, the fictional denizens of St.-Denis cherish their local wines and foods, which they consume without pretension but with an intuitive understanding that comes from long experience.

I paid a visit to Mr. Walker, 70, in late spring. When he is not in London or Washington, he lives with his wife, Julia Watson, in a small town, Le Bugue, which straddles the Vézère river and serves as a model for the fictional St.-Denis.

The couple cannot sell their eggs at the market in Le Bugue, which will celebrate its 700th anniversary in 2019, because European Union regulations prohibit a rooster from living with the egg-laying chickens. So they have entered the barter economy themselves.

“We’re all in the underground,” Ms. Watson said. “Not fighting the Nazis, just all the silly laws.”

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