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During an interview on MSNBC, the Nebraska senator said he wants the Republican Party to be “the party of Abraham Lincoln, limited government and great human potential.” He criticized Trump for a lack of conservative principles and for playing “race-baiting” games.

Trump refused during a national television interview Sunday to disavow David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard.

“I want to celebrate what’s great about America in the Republican Party,” Sasse said. “But if the Republican Party becomes the party of David Duke, Donald Trump — I’m out.”
    -PROFILE: Ben Sasse: If GOP embraces politics of Donald Trump, 'I'm out' (Joseph Morton, Mar 2, 2016 , Omaha World-Herald)
This, in a nutshell, is the central problem of Ben Sasse. He is a performatively deep thinker, an advocate of public decency who makes a case for good-faith discourse that is both eloquent and, in the FAKE NEWS!!!!!!1! era, timely. He states that case convincingly in his new book about raising hard-working and civic-minded children, The Vanishing American Adult. “Living in a republic demands a great deal of us,” he writes in a sort of mission statement for his public persona. “Among the responsibilities of each citizen in a participatory democracy is keeping ourselves sufficiently informed so that we can participate effectively, argue our positions honorably, and hopefully, forge sufficient consensus to understand each other and then to govern.” But so far, Sasse’s practical participation in our democracy—he was elected to the Senate in 2014—has mostly advanced the interests of an increasingly authoritarian, unreasonable Republican Party. In his first remarks on the Senate floor, he argued that the body should “strengthen and clarify meaningful contests of ideas.” Four months later, he wouldn’t even give Obama Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland a perfunctory meeting. And he certainly didn’t advocate giving Garland a hearing and a floor vote, as one would imagine he should have given his expressed desire for the Senate to become a lively forum for dramatic, legitimate debate rather than pre-written sound bites and predictable party-line votes.

Many politicians are hypocrites, of course. But most of them are also phonies and bull[*****]s. Ben Sasse isn’t. He stands out by educating himself earnestly and speaking honestly about complicated matters of history and policy. (He’s got to be the only serving Senate Republican to have written a book that approvingly cites 1960s leftist cultural critic Paul Goodman.) Unfortunately, he is also beginning to stand out by doing nothing of substance as the things he says he believes in are thrown in a garbage can by his own party. Evidence that Donald Trump was at best indifferent to and at worst complicit in Russia’s sabotage of the last presidential election is growing. Mitch McConnell is turning into the home stretch of an attempt to force through a wildly unpopular health care bill that still hasn’t had a public hearing. Democratic traditions are under attack, and Sasse is not returning fire. Does any of his thoughtfulness and honesty really matter if, come voting time, he’s just another partisan hack?

    -PROFILE: The Wasted Mind of Ben Sasse: The Nebraska senator has urgent, persuasive ideas for saving American politics. Why won’t he act on them? (Ben Mathis-Lilley, JULY 13, 2017, Slate)
The thesis of this book by Senator Ben Sasse is straightforward:
We are living in an America of perpetual adolescence. Our kids simply don’t know what an adult is anymore, or how to become one. Many don’t see a reason even to try. Perhaps more problematic, the older generations have forgotten that we need to plan to teach them. It’s our fault more than it is theirs.
It is less academic and ultimately less useful than Jonathan Haidt's Coddling of the American Mind, but it makes a few important claims that the Senator needs to then be measured against himself. In particular, he, being of that older generation, has taken upon himself the obligation to teach the younger about what adulthood means. And, as the discussion proceeds, adds the responsibility to show how jobs ought to be performed, what civic virtue is, etc. Many politicians do not take up this sort of mantle. Donald Trump, for instance, does not even pretend to be setting an example for others to follow and betrays no interest in maturity, work ethic, civic engagement or any other social value. Mr. Sasse has made his own bed.

The Trump years have been an extraordinarily difficult time for conservatives, not just because Donald is so spectacularly not one of us, indeed, ran against the entire history and program of conservatism, but because so many of those who we thought were fellow conservatives have been corrupted. No one in their right mind is surprised that guys like Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz sold out, but the deterioration of institutions like First Things, Claremont Review of Books, even of Modern Age once our friend Peter Lawler passed, has been discouraging. The most disturbing aspects of the deal they have made with the devil surround their acceptance/defense of Donald's personal immorality, of his debased manner of conducting himself in the office of the Presidency, of his treasonous collaboration with Vladimir Putin and of the racism/Nativism/Islamophobia that shapes every policy in which he has invested any personal effort. American history is replete with examples of parties tolerating some personal wrong doing as the price of power--Nixon's GOP, Clinton-era Democrats--but the GOP embrace of, or capitulation on, trade protectionism, anti-immigration hysteria, and violation of Constitutional and republican norms represents a repudiation of core elements of why the party exists in the first place.

Initially, at least, it looked like Ben Sasse was going to be one of the lone holdouts in Congress against this Trumpism. During the election season he made no bones about the fact that Donald Trump is unworthy of the Party and unworthy of Republican voters. During the Administration he has been one of the few Washington critics of Donald's excesses. As late as 2019 he was still being characterized as a leader of the Never-Trumpers. But, on issue after issue, when push comes to shove he has voted with Donald and against his own stated beliefs. After speaking out against the Muslim ban he offered disingenuous cover for it; he voted to allow Donald's use of emergency power at the border, despite criticizing it as anti-constitutional; and he even voted against Impeachment, despite acknowledging the wrongness of Donald's actions. It came as no surprise that he accepted Donald's endorsement of his re-election bid--they had proven to be allies, not opponents.

This lead to one of the most discomfiting interviews you'll ever hear, when he appeared on the Remnant with Jonah Goldberg: -PODCAST: Episode 136: Censor the Senator (Jonah Goldberg, 9/19/2019, The Remnant). Jonah has often said that he doesn't like becoming too friendly with politicians because they'll let you down, but it is the Senator's own shame even more than the host's disappointment that makes this excruciating listening. The fact is that in many ways, being an elected official inevitably entails some degree of conflict between serving the public broadly, serving your party and, narrowly, serving your own career. It is futile to expect much purity given those constraints.

But how might a Senator Sasse who took his own text seriously have been expected to act? For one thing, like an adult. He might have taken his own public pronouncements seriously and accepted the responsibility to follow where they led. If you aren't willing to see the GOP become the party of David Duke and Donald Trump, even if that means you leave the party, then do something to resist the trend or leave. Instead he is now running under the Duke/Donald imprimatur.

As one of his chapters admonishes: "Accept Work Pain". It is no use taking the easy way out yourself while telling kids they need to be ready to accept hardship on the job. Being an elected official is not meant to be easy. You always have to face difficult choices. But just as he would not counsel a young man to countenance his boss's wrongdoing in exchange for a raise, Mr. Sasse can not justify rolling over for Donald in exchange for help in his own primary.

Likewise, the subtitle of his book calls for "rebuilding a culture of self-reliance." Yet in each of these votes Senator Sasse was untrue to himself, to his own beliefs and to his stated standards. What exactly did he rely on in betraying them?

And, most devastating of all, while the best part of the book is the summons to civic education and republican virtue, what does his own behavior teach the perpetually adolescent and uninformed he claims to be so worried about? Does he walk, in public life, the talk in this book? Sadly, no. If there ever was an adult in this room, he too has vanished.


Grade: (B-)


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