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Norwood ()

Charles Portis died last week; one of the lucky few artists to be rediscovered during his own lifetime. Had he written nothing else, he'd have been celebrated for the American classic, True Grit, but he wrote several very funny novels, mostly around Southern characters and their misadventures. As is the way of such things, I just found a copy of Norwood at the Thrift Store for 75 cents so I gave it a quick reread.

It's a picaresque in which the title character heads from his hometown, Ralph, TX, in a stolen car to NYC to collect a $70 debt, then takes a bus home with his new fiance, the World's Smallest Perfect Man, and Joan the Wonder Hen, The College Educated Chicken. Equal parts Candide, Pickwick Papers and The Boy Who Invented the Bubble Gun, Portis relies more on the interaction between characters than on comic incident and the dramatis personae are certainly memorable. The book richly deserves its reputation as a comedy classic.

But, truth be told, I had one unexpected reaction to the text. Not only are there no significant black characters and repeated uses of the "n"-word, but there is no indication that the repeated low opinions expressed about blacks are questioned by the author and they are definitely not played for laughs. Now the book was published in 1966 by a native of Arkansas, so maybe we ought not expect overmuch in the way of wokeness, but that is far enough into the Civil rights Era that we should expect him to question at least his own attitudes, if not those of his cracker cast. It genuinely made me feel uncomfortable and did reduce my enjoyment of the book, fair or not.


Grade: (B+)


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