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25 years after an artist friend recommended this book I finally found it at the thrift store for a quarter this week. In the ensuing years it has become the ur text for college courses on comic books and has extended its influence to art mediums like the internet. It remains a timely and worthwhile read, especially for us comics enthusiasts.

Mr. McCloud had the wonderful idea of turning his text into a comic book itself, narrated by the character Scott McCloud. This decision allows him to illustrate his points from within the text and makes for an organic presentation. When he is explaining a concept he is, or his words are, in an example of the very concept. Pretty neat.

As a threshold matter, he presents a definition of what he means by comics: “juxtaposed pictorial and other images in deliberate sequence.” This deliberately wide definition allows him to include ancient examples, like the Bayeux Tapestry and build towards the sorts of forms which we more traditionally think of, with pictures presented frame by frame. One of the most appealing ideas in the book and a source for his subtitle is the way our minds fill in the space between the frames. Similarly fascinating is the methodology artists developed to show motion within a frame, so that a few bold strokes convey the idea that the hero is swinging his fist and our minds do the rest. Another way that the "limitations" of the form became a strength was cost, which lead to books being printed on newsprint with a limited palette of bold colors, producing the distinctive look of classic comic book characters.
From the clever concept for the book to these sorts of insights to McCloud's delightful illustration, it's well-worth spending real money on...


Grade: (A)


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