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Romain Gary made his fame and fortune with The Roots of Heaven, one of our Best of the Century. But he started winning prizes even with his first novel, A European Education (1945), hand-written, with his knees for a desk, while he was flying with Free French Forces over Europe.

It tells the story of a young Polish boy, Janek, whose father hides him in a dugout in the forest when the Germans are coming. Raised on the books of Karl May, Janek begins by imagining himself part of an Old Shatterhand advanture. But, over the next few years, as he struggles to survive, joins a band of partisans, falls in love with a teen prostitute, and learns to kill he receives the education of the title:
In Europe we have the oldest cathedrals, the oldest universities, the greatest libraries and the best education. But in the end, what this European education comes down to is to teach you how to find the courage to shoot a man who sits there with lowered head...
It's an inevitably dark view of the continent , from a man whose Jewish family had fled Vilnius, but in the resistance of Janek and the Poles and their battle for freedom we also get the idealism with which Gary offset his dim take on the times.


Grade: (A)


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