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Mr. McCommons gives us three books in one here. The first is an entertaining personal travelogue, recounting his travels--mostly on Amtrak--by train over the course of a year spent investigating the state of American passenger rail service. The second is a rather depressing account of how badly that service has been allowed to deteriorate. Though he loves the rails himself, he makes no bones about how frustrating it can be to try to utilize them for travel in their current state. The third is an impassioned argument for restoring the system so that iot can once again offer an efficient and effective transportation alternative to air and highway travel. Written before the recent recession made the idea of railway infrastructure seem sexy, it affords a disturbing look at how much work we have before us to realize the ambition of restoring rail travel as an integral part of American life, but convinces that the effort would be well worth our while.


Grade: (B+)


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