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This has been one of my favorite books since I first read it thirty years ago. In fact, one scene has always stayed in my mind. In the spirit of Thor Heyerdahl, whose books I also loved, Tim Severin set out to prove that St. Brendan really could have sailed all the way from the Irish coast to America using the leather boats--curraghs--of the sixth century.

The book details the legend and Mr. Severin's foolhardy but successful attempt, in 1976-77, to build a boat of his own and duplicate the sailing feat--4500 miles, up into the Faroes to Iceland and across to Newfoundland (Peckford Island in the Outer Wadham Group)--having been met by the Canadian navy. His small crew featured the unforgettable Faeroese artist Tróndur Patursson, who not only fished and trapped sea birds for food but at one point harpooned a whale.

Unquestionably the most memorable portion of their quest though occurred when they got trapped amidst drifting pack ice in the Greenland Sea. They spent a harrowing time trying to avoid chunks of ice that seemed capable of crushing the boat and eventually had to repair a potentially boat-sinking hole that got poked in their side, plunging hands into freezing ocean to sew the leather shut. It's thrilling stuff, even if you wonder about the sanity of the project.

So I was intrigued to find a documentary about the voyage on-line. It was apparently a presentation of RTE television in Ireland based on filming done ion-board by Severin and crew. The film is not available at Amazon, but the torrent site Demonoid has it. While the book does a great job of conveying what it was like in the boat, being buffeted by a gale and bobbing through the ice, the actual footage has to be seen to be believed. A portion of the film is embedded above. Both book and program are most highly recommended.


Grade: (A+)


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