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I'm not a business and so do not generally read any of the plethora of books aimed at that audience. But once in awhile a title grabs your attention--like Leadership Secrets of Genghis Khan--and you can't help yourself. I am though a big fan of the movies, so was intrigued by this offering.

The authors do an excellent job of offering clear and concise lessons that can be drawn from movies with which we're, most of us, likely to be familiar. Because the examples are so well known to us, the lessons have a certain "stickiness" they might otherwise lack. Just to take their first choice as an example, it's easy enough to see the common sense behind telling business people that they ought not engage in denial when they know have a problem, but when you use the local businessmen from Jaws to illustrate that point you achieve greater resonance. No?

There's one other big plus for the book. While most film buffs will indeed have seen the great majority of the movies discussed, there is the occassional pointer to one you'll have missed. For instance, I'd never heard of Bottle Shock, but it's a pretty favorably reviewed> comedy about the breakthrough of the American wine industry in the '70s that looks like it would be worth a viewing.. And while we're watching will be sure to pay attention to the way the passion of the vintners helps them to overcome the problems in their way, which is what the authors tell us we can learn from the story.


Grade: (B+)


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