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Grade: (A)



Bill Buford Links:

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    -ESSAY: The Secret of Excess: How a life became cooking (Bill Buford , 8/12/2002, The New Yorker)
    -AUDIO ESSAY: Hooked on the Most Important Food Writer Alive (Bill Buford, August 10, 2006, All Things Considered)
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    -INTERVIEW: Ryszard Kapuscinski (interviewed by Bill Buford, 1987, Granta)
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    -AUDIO INTERVIEW: Calls of the Wild: This week in the magazine, Bill Buford writes about wild turkeys and the naturalists who communicate with them. Here, Buford talks to Matt Dellinger about talking to turkeys—and eating them. (Matt Dellinger November 20, 2006, The New Yorker)
    -INTERVIEW: Bill Buford talks about ''Heat'': The writer shares his experiences while working on his new book (Karen Valby, Entertainment Weekly)
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    -CHAT: Bill Buford: Author, "Heat" (Tuesday, June 20, 2006, Washington Post)
-ESSAY: From student rag to literary riches: Launched in 1979 under the inspired 'lunacy' of Bill Buford, Granta magazine became the home of vital new writing and launched the careers of some of our greatest novelists. As it celebrates its 100th issue, we ask editors past and present how a tiny Cambridge journal rose to conquer the literary world (Simon Garfield, 12/30/07, The Observer)
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Book-related and General Links:

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