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To anyone who knows and understands the United States, the fact that there was a Federal Writers’ Project at all seems nothing short of miraculous. This is America, the land with no Ministry of Culture, where politicians alone are portrayed on the money. Almost unique among Western republics, the likeness of not one writer, philosopher, painter, or composer has ever graced the engraving of a U.S. bill or coin. The separation of church and state may be the great articulated legal principle, but another sacrosanct concept is the separation of state and culture. And yet there was an age when the U.S. government permanently employed painters, sculptors, playwrights, musicians, actors, and writers to produce art.
    -INTRODUCTION: Food of a Younger Land by Mark Kurlansky
Mr. Kurlansky, being a dyed-in-the-wool, if not down-right woolly-headed, liberal, is so enraptured by the above concept that he's put together a collection of essays from the FWP's abandoned attempt to follow up its successful series of guidebooks on America with a similar series called, America Eats. Unfortunately, the quality of the writing here is at best uneven, almost never more than pedestrian, and not infrequently unreadable. While it's interesting enough to discover what folks used to eat and how they prepared it, one quickly resorts to just skimming to find the recipes. It's no coincidence that the essay reviewers mention most often is by Eudora Welty, who actually became a famous writer, and is heavy on recipes, light on text.

Though that surely was not Mr. Kurlansky's intention, the book is an effective argument against New Deal boondoggles.


Grade: (C)



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