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As it happens, I went to Colgate University with the Woodruffs and knew Lee in passing--she worked at a local bar--and Bob a bit better. We were in rival but friendly fraternities and our classes became especially friendly when we spent a Summer term on campus.

One quick story: the following February my house hosted a Tropical Party. Winter in central New York is oppressive and we thought it would be fun to serve beach drinks and then send someone to the Bahamas at midnight. We told everyone to wear shorts and flowered shirts and bring a suitcase, then we held a drawing and sent the winner and a friend on a trip we paid for. At any rate, after helping to mix the cocktails for the party--in enormous garbage cans--I was outside by the raging bonfire, greeting guests as they trudged through the snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures. Woody and a few other guys came rolling up and somehow or another we ended up fire-walking.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I woke up the next morning with huge blisters on my feet. When I saw Woody a few days later I asked if his feet were a mess too and he said: "Nah, I was wearing work boots. I was surprised you did it in flip-flops...."

If you'd asked folks who knew him then, they'd have told you he seemed the sort of guy who could walk through a bonfire and not get hurt. Bob is smart, handsome, personable and was one of the great athletes in Colgate history. A few years later when he started turning up on New England News Network, I was surprised to see him--he'd not pursued journalism at school--but he was such a natural fit the profession seemed inevitable. From there it was no time before you saw him on ABC News, then on the weekend newscast, and then came the announcement that he was taking over as ABC Nightly News anchor. It wasn't just a case of golden boy makes good, but one of those instances where success comes to someone you absolutely think deserves it.

Then, in January 2006, while embedded in Iraq, it all went bang, literally and figuratively. Bob and his cameraman, Doug Vogt, were caught in the explosion of an I.E.D.. The attack nearly killed him and did cause a serious brain injury. This book relates the story of Bob's ongoing recovery, but at its center is Lee's story of how she coped with the ordeal and with the demands of raising young children at the same time.

Both partners get to speak, but it is really Lee who bears the narrative weight. Her tale of fears, frustrations, victories, setbacks, and all the rest is immensely engaging and quite often moving. There's a certain degree to which war no longer effects the middle/upper-middle class much anymore and the Woodruffs' story obviously isn't any more tragic than that of the average wounded soldier and his family just because we know the victim in this case. But they are a family that most readers will recognize as having great similarities to their own and if Lee Woodruff can speak to us on behalf of the many, as well as on behalf of herself and her family, then all the better. And if their story ends--though it continues, too--much more happily than many others, well, there's something to be said for happy endings too.


Grade: (A)


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