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Please believe me when I say that we do not expect even folks who send us books to have read particularly widely at our site. But it is probably pretty hard to miss the fact that our political bent is rather conservative. So it was somewhat surprising when the Emily Post Institute was a bit reticent about contacting us and wasn't sure we'd be interested in the subject of etiquette. Nothing appeals more to conservatives, of course, than manners and proper behavior, so we leapt at the opportunity. If you though don't think it's a topic that you need to learn more about, just pick up a copy of the book and glance through it briefly and you'll be amazed at all the dilemmas that modern life presents that your Mom never anticipated.

Author Peggy Post is Emily Post’s great-granddaughter-in-law and it's unlikely the grand dame ever considered many of the situations dealt with herein either. From how to recover after someone tells an offensive joke to providing food options for vegetarians to proper treatment of extended, non-traditional families to cell phone etiquette and so on and so forth, there are just myriad new challenges we face in the continuing effort to be courteous of and to others. Ms Post has here provided us all with an invaluable resource in the struggle to maintain good manners.


Grade: (B+)


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