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Grade: (A+)


Paul Johnson Links:

    -WIKIPEDIA: Paul Johnson (writer)
    -OBIT: Paul Johnson, Prolific Historian Prized by Conservatives, Dies at 94: He wrote outsize histories on a panoply of subjects, found renown in Britain as an indefatigable columnist and infuriated liberals with his outspoken Tory views. (Richard B. Woodward, 1/12/23, NY Times)
    -OBIT: Paul Johnson, polemicist who turned against the left, dies at 94: A combative author and journalist who started on the left and moved to the right to become Margaret Thatcher’s most fluent champion and speechwriter (Times uk, 1/12/23)
    -OBIT: Paul Johnson, British Historian and Polemicist Against the Left, Dies at 94: Prolific author who drifted to the right in the 1960s befriended prime ministers and was lionized by American conservatives (David Luhnow and Max Colchester, Jan. 12, 2023, WSJ)
    -OBIT: Paul Johnson obituary: Prolific journalist and historian who shifted allegiance from the left of Labour to become an ardent Thatcher supporter (Geoffrey Wheatvroft, 1/12/23, The Guardian)
    -TRIBUTE: Paul Johnson (1937-2023): A Valediction (M. D. Aeschliman, 3/30/23, University Bookman)
    -OBIT: British Historian Paul Johnson Dies at 94 (Carlos Perona Calvete — January 14, 2023, European Conservative)
    -TRIBUTE: Paul Johnson: one of the great humanists of our time: Remembering a great modern historian and defender of human dignity (Hans Zeiger, Feb 6, 2023, MercatorNet)
-ARCHIVES: From the AEI Archive: Historian Paul Johnson at AEI (Karlyn Bowman & Joseph Kosten, January 19, 2023, AEIdeas)
    -TRIBUTE: Paul Johnson, the last of his kind. (Alberto Mingardi, 1/18/23, EconLib)
    -TRIBUTE: A Life Conserving Civilization (Titus Techera, 1/17/23, Law & Liberty)
    -TRIBUTE: Knowledge and Verve: Remembering Paul Johnson (Theodore Dalrymple, January 13, 2023, City Journal)
    -EXCERPTS: The best of Paul Johnson : The late author wrote a Spectator column from 1981 to 2009 (The Spectator, January 13, 2023)
    -ESSAY: Au Revoir, Petite France: In one blow, Chirac shattered the U.N., NATO and the EU. (PAUL JOHNSON, March 22, 2003, Wall Street Journal)
    -INTERVIEW: An Empire for Liberty?: with Paul Johnson, Historian and Author, Modern Times. (Uncommon Knowledge, July 16, 2003)
    -INTERVIEW: Speaking Volumes: Paul Johnson (Ludovic Hunter-Tilney, May 9 2003, Financial Times)
-ESSAY: Paul Johnson on Why We Should "Beware Intellectuals": From his countless books documenting centuries of history to his masterful ability to challenge the pseudo-intellectual left, Paul Johnson is worthy of high praise and celebration. Lawrence W. Reed (Lawrence W. Reed, 10/09/18, FEE)
    -REVIEW: of The Prophets by Norman Podhoretz (Paul Johnson, Jerusalem Post)
    -REVIEW: of The American Revolution: A History by Gordon S. Wood (Paul Johnson, Daily Telegraph)
    -REVIEW: of Max Beerbohm: A Kind of a Life by N. John Hall (Paul Johnson, Daily Telegraph)
    -REVIEW: of Birth of the Modern: World Society 1815-1830 by Paul Johnson (Christian D. Kettler, Religion & Liberty)
    -REVIEW: of A History of the American People by Paul Johnson (Michael Lind, National Review)
    -REVIEW: of A HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE by Paul Johnson (David Gordon, Mises Review)
    -REVIEW: of Napoleon by Paul Johnson (Victor Davis Hanson, Claremont Review of Books)

Book-related and General Links: