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Grade: (A+)



Edward Larson Links:

    -Edward J. Larson (Richard B. Russell Professor of American History and Talmadge Professor of Law, University of Georgia)
    -BOOKNOTES: Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion by Edward Larson (C-SPAN, June 28, 1998)
    -BOOK SITE: Evolution : The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory (Modern Library Chronicles) (Random House)
    -BOOK SITE: Summer for the Gods (Harvard University Press)
    -EXCERPT: CHAPTER 1: Bursting the Limits of Time from Evolution: The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory
    -EXCERPT: from Summer for the Gods: How conservative Christians coalesced against the teaching of Darwin
    -ESSAY: Scientific Semi-Belief: Scientists Still Keeping the Faith: Comparing Scientists in 1916 and 1996. (Edward J. Larson and Larry Witham, 12/30/1999, Belief Net)
    -ESSAY: Science as a Threat to Freedom in Modern Society (Edward J. Larson, University of Georgia and Discovery Institute)
    -INTERVIEW: Inherit the Monkey Trial: Scopes-trial historian Ed Larson explains why Christians should be taught evolution. (Karl Giberson & Donald Yerxa, 5/23/00, Christianity Today)
    -INTERVIEW: The Great Debate: In our continuing series of dialogues with Pulitzer Prize-winning authors, Edward Larson discusses his book, Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion. (The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, April 20, 1998)
    -INTERVIEW: A Real Trial of the Century: The real history of the Scopes trial is even more fascinating than the myth. (Ron Hogan,
    -INTERVIEW: A voyage to the origin of species: Edward Larson talks to Tim Radford about the draw of the Galapagos islands and the mighty influence of Charles Darwin (Tim Radford, March 2, 2002, The Guardian)
    -AUDIO: : Edward Larson's 'Evolution' (Talk of the Nation Science Friday, May 21, 2004)
    -PROFILE: UGA'S Pulitzer Prize Winner Professor of Ideas: His mind works overtime, although he can't quite comprehend his newfound fame. (Jill Vejnoska, April 27, 1998, The Atlanta Journal and Constitution)
    -REVIEW: of Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America’s Continuing Debate Over Science and Religion by Edward J. Larson (Carol Iannone, First Things)
    -REVIEW: of Summer for the Gods (Rodney A. Smolla, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW: of Summer for the Gods (Edward McGlynn Gaffney Jr., LA Times)
    -REVIEW: of Summer for the Gods (Emily S. Epstein, Law and History Review)
    -REVIEW: of Summer for the Gods: The Scopes Trial and America's Continuing Debate over Science and Religion' by Edward J. Larson (Kirsten Birkett, Kategoria)
    -REVIEW: of Summer for the Gods (Carl Wieland, Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal )
    -REVIEW: of Evolution (Marco Antonio Flota, Kirkus Reviews)
    -REVIEW: of Evolution's Workshop: God and Science on the Galapagos Islands by Edward J. Larson (Gregg Easterbrook, Washington Monthly)
    -REVIEW: of Evolution's Workshop (Anne Matthews, Washington Post)
    -REVIEW: of Evolution's Workshop (Paul Raeburn, Business Week)

Book-related and General Links:

    -Scopes Trial Resources (Bryan College)
    -The Scopes Trial (Famous Trials in American History, UMKC Law School)
    -The Monkey Trial & the Rise of Fundamentalism (Christian History Number 55)
    -Monkey Trial (American Experience, PBS)
    -H.L. Mencken's Account
    -Inherit the Wind (Lyndsey McCabe, American Studies Program The University of Virginia, April 1996)
    -ESSAY: The Truth About Inherit the Wind (Carol Iannone, February 1997, First Things)
    -TRANSCRIPT: Clarence Darrow's examination of William Jennings Bryan at the 1925 Scopes trial
    -ESSAY: Creationism in 20th-Century America (Ronald L. Numbers, 5 November 1982, Science)
    -ESSAY: Darwinism and Theology in America: 1850�1930 (History of American Thought)
    -ESSAY: The Scopes Monkey Trial : Did you know that 'creationism' was never mentioned at the Scopes trial? There's a lot about the trial you may not know By Gregg Easterbrook, Belief Net)
    -ESSAY: The Scopes Trial Versus 'Inherit the Wind': An ill wind? The movie's inaccuracies have perpetuated stereotypes. (Gregg Easterbrook, Belief Net)
    -ESSAY: Kansas Against Darwin: What Happened?: A brief summary of the school board's decision--and the fallout. Plus: A complete package of Kansas school board documents and opinion articles. (Gregg Easterbrook, 7/7/2000, Belief Net)
    -ESSAY: The Scopes Trial, Take Two: A fictional account of how the century's most famous trial would play out today (Gregg Easterbrook, 7/8/2000, Belief Net)
    -ESSAY: Teach Evolution, and Ask Hard Questions : The Kansas controversy may keep us from discussing the problems with Darwin's theory (Michael J. Behe, August 13, 1999, NY Times)
    -ESSAY: When the Lines Were Drawn: How the Scopes trial reshaped science, religion and politics. (CHRISTOPHER LEVENICK, August 5, 200, Opinion Journal)
    -Access Research Network
    -Answers in Genesis: a Christian apologetics ministry that equips the church to uphold the authority of the Bible from the very first verse.
    -The Darwin Papers
    -ESSAY: Science vs. Religion?: Francis Collins, lead Human Genome researcher, sees no conflict (Gregg Easterbrook, 6/26/2000, Belief Net)
    -ESSAY: Double-Dealing in Darwin: Some scientists' total devotion to Darwinism--and insistence that evolution answers all questions and other views of creation answer none--seem an awful lot like a religion. (Michael Ruse, 01/24/2000, BeliefNet)
    -BOOKNOTES: The Moral Animal: Why We Are the Way We Are: The New Science of Evolutionary Psychology by Robert Wright (C-SPAN, January 8, 1995)