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Grade: (A-)


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    -EXCERPT: Chapter One of Jarhead: A Marine's Chronicle of the Gulf War and Other Battles
    -ESSAY: Remember the gulf: scenes from the last war with Iraq (Anthony Swofford, December 2002, Harper's Magazine)
    -ESSAY: The Unknown Soldier (ANTHONY SWOFFORD, 3/30/03, NY Times Magazine)
    -DISCUSSION: A Veteran Journalist and an Ex-Marine Discuss the Iraq Conflict (Anthony Swofford & Mark Bowden, Slate)
    -AUDIO INTERVIEW: with Anthony Swofford (Fresh Air, March 04, 2003)
    -ESSAY: The Gulf Between: When these soldiers became writers, the pen turned into a very mighty weapon (Robert Wilonsky, 4/17/03, Dallas Observer)
    -ARCHIVES: "Anthony Swofford" (Find Articles)
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