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"Rage" is right in this almost animal howl of pain and anger over the WTC attack from the great Italian journalist--and Manhattan resident--Oriana Fallaci. The targets of her rage are not just al Qaeda, the Taliban, and other extremists, but an Islamic world that seems unconcerned about reining in its own monsters, and a Europe which mostly reacted to 9-11 with a smug: "America got what it deserves". Drawing on a lifetime spent covering the Middle East and the world, a deep love of the Italy of her ancestors, and a passion for the America where she's found refuge, Ms Fallaci dances along the line between polemic and incoherence, but the obvious magnitude of the event at the center of the book keeps bringing her back on topic.

This is basically a bound version of the essay she wrote in the immediate aftermath (September 19, 2001) and many will have read it on-line at that time. It doesn't offer much in the way of analysis and it is too fresh in its pain to develop much context. But these are not the purposes it is intended to serve. What it does--as maybe only the contemporaneous columns of Mark Steyn can do better--is recapture for us just how righteous was our fury then. Too many are too soon losing the memory of what their visceral reaction to that day of mass murder was and are becoming entirely too detached from the signal event in our recent history. In a political climate where television won't even show us film clips of the attacks for fear of riling us up--quick, try to think of the last time you saw the planes hitting the Towers?--it's all the more important to preserve texts like this and remind ourselves of why the war on terror is so important. For if the rage fades will we still be proud enough to vindicate the dead?


Grade: (C+)


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