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Grade: (A+)


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Harvey Mansfield (2 books reviewed)
Harvey Mansfield Links:

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    -INTERVIEW: TDR Interview: Harvey Mansfield: Men and Manliness Explained (S. Matthew McDonald | Friday, October 21, 2005, The Dartmouth Review)
-ESSAY: Mansfield's Manliness (Martin E. Marty, March 21, 2005)
    -PROFILE: 'Manliness,' an obsolete concept? Discuss. (Ken Gewertz, 4/10/03, Harvard Gazette)
    -PROFILE: Life & Mind: Harvey Mansfield, political philosopher (The Harvard Review of Philosophy and edited by S. Phineas Upham)
    -ESSAY: Manliness is Not a Virtue: Cheers to Travis, Jeers to Mansfield (Shin-En Wong, Issue 6.5, Dartmouth Free Press)
    -BOOKNOTES : Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America with Harvey Mansfield  (C-SPAN, October 13, 2000)
    -ESSAY: What Tocqueville Would Say Today (Harvey Mansfield and Delba Winthrop, Hoover Digest)
    -ESSAY :   POINT OF VIEW :  Grade Inflation: It's Time to Face the Facts (HARVEY C. MANSFIELD, Chronicle of Higher Education)
    -ESSAY : Returning to the founders:   the debate on the Constitution (Harvey C. Mansfield, Jr. , New Criterion)
    -ESSAY: Jaffa Versus Mansfield: Does America Have A Constitutional or A "Declaration of Independence" Soul? (Thomas G. West, November 29, 2002, The Claremont Institute)
    -ESSAY : The Thirty Years War : Cultural Conservatives Struggle with the Harvard they Love  (Janet Tassel, Harvard Magazine)
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    -ESSAYS : "I Have a Dream" : Ideas for Rebuilding American Culture (Policy Review,  March-April 1996)
    -REVIEW : of Machiavelli. By Maurizio Viroli  (Harvey C. Mansfield, American Political Science Review)
    -REVIEW : of Richard Brookhiser  Founding Father: Rediscovering  George Washington (Harvey Mansfield, New Criterion)
    -REVIEW : of Athenian Democracy: Modern Mythmakers and Ancient Theorists  By Arlene W. Saxonhouse (Harvey C. Mansfield, American Political Science Review)
    -REVIEW : of The Republic of Letters: The Correspondence between Thomas Jefferson & James Madison edited by John Morton Smith (Harvey Mansfield, New Criterion)
    -REVIEW : of The Trouble with Principle, by Stanley Fish  (Harvey C. Mansfield, National Review)
    -REVIEW : of Vindicating the Founders by Thomas G. West (Harvey C. Mansfield, Wall Street Journal)
    -BOOKNOTES : Title: Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America   Author:Harvey Mansfield Sunday, December 3rd, 2000 (C-SPAN)
    -SPEECH : Ashbrook Colloquium : Harvey C. Mansfield and Delba Winthrop    Topic: "Democracy in America" (Friday, March 30, 2001, Ashland University)
    -SPEECH : Hear him Roar : When not extolling the virtues of manliness, Professor Mansfield enjoys needling his liberal academic colleaugues. A conservative voice in the wildnerness, he rose at a recent faculty meeting to ask Harvard President Neil Rudenstine to address the disruption of an earlier meeting by students participating in the  April 9 "Rally for Justice." (text of his remarks)
    -AUDIO INTERVIEW : NPR's Alex Chadwick speaks with Harvey Mansfield, editor and translator of the newest edition of Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America. (NPR, 12/09/00)
    -INTERVIEW : Grading Wars : An interview with Harvard professor Harvey C. Mansfield. (Roman Martinez, February 13, 2001, National Review)
    -INTERVIEW : A Controversial Campaign Against Grade Inflation (Sarah Bray, April 5, 2001)
    -DEBATE : THE '96 ELECTION: FREEDOM vs. ENTITLEMENTS (Harvey Mansfield * Arianna Huffington, The American Enterprise)
    -ESSAY : Harvey Mansfield and the Classics (Frank E. Smitha)
    -ESSAY : Forget Values -- Let's Talk Virtues (George F. Will, Newsweek | May 26, 2000)
    -ARTICLE : Low, high marks for grade inflation (Patrick Healy,  10/7/2001, Boston Globe)
    -ARTICLE : Ahead of the curve : Some professors battling against grade inflation (Patrick Healy, Boston Globe)
    -ARTICLE : Students protest Harvard professor : Target views on race, grades (Patrick Healy, Boston Globe)
    -ESSAY : Grading on the Harvard Curve : Harvey Mansfield's irony goes unappreciated. (Noah D. Oppenheim, Weekly Standard)
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    -ESSAY : Subject: Prof. Boyle: Harvey Mansfield: Racist Hypocrite (MSA News)
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    -ESSAY : All the President's Men (David Greenberg, Lingua Franca, April 1999)
    -ESSAY : A Mirror of the National Soul (Richard John Neuhaus, First Things)
    -ESSAY : Academic Postmodernity & the SATs : Dark days in the academy. (Stanley Kurtz, February 20, 2001, National Review)
    -ESSAY : Irrational Exuberance : When did Political Science forget about politics (Jonathan Cohn, October 1999, New Republic)
    -ESSAY : Dark Bedfellows : Postmoderns and traditionalists unite against the Enlightenment (Walter Olson, January 1999, Reason)
    -ARCHIVES : "Harvey C. Mansfield" (Find Articles)
    -ARCHIVES : "harvey c. mansfield" (Mag Portal)
    The Neutering of the American Male: a review of Manliness by Harvey Mansfield (James Bowman, March 7, 2006, The New York Sun)
    REVIEW: of 'Manliness,' by Harvey C. Mansfield (WALTER KIRN, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW : of Democracy in America, by Alexis de Tocqueville, translated  and edited by Harvey C. Mansfield and Delba Winthrop (CALEB CRAIN, NY Times Book Review)
    -LETTER : To the Editor (James Q. Wilson, NY Times)
    -REVIEW : of Democracy in America, by Alexis de Tocqueville, translated  and edited by Harvey C. Mansfield and Delba Winthrop (Noemie Emery, National Review)
    -REVIEW : of DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA, by Alexis de Tocqueville; transl. by Harvey  C. Mansfield and Delba Winthrop. (Michael Novak, Wilson Quarterly)
    -REVIEW : of Democracy in America (John Gould, The American Prospect)
    -REVIEW : of Machiavelli's Virtue   by Harvey C. Mansfield (Michael Anton, Commentary)
    -REVIEW : of Machiavelli's Virtue (Richard J. Mouw, Books & Culture)
    -REVIEW : of Machiavelli's Virtue by Harvey C. Mansfield (William McCuaig, H-Italy, December 1996)
    -REVIEW : of DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA, by Alexis de Tocqueville; transl. by Harvey C.
Mansfield and Delba Winthrop. (Michael Novak, Wilson Quarterly)
    -REVIEW: of Leo Strauss and the Straussians by Karl Jahn (Chris Patsileli)

    -ESSAY : A Scholar's Quixotic Crusade Against Harvard and Its Secrets : Peter Berkowitz won't let go of his fight to open up the university's tenure process (ROBIN WILSON, September 2001, Chronicle of Higher Education)
    -ESSAY : Making the Grade: Harvard's Affirmative Action Controversy (Tanu T. Henry)
    -REVIEW: of Manliness by Harvey Mansfield (Kay S. Hymowitz, Commentary) -REVIEW: of Democracy in America By Alexis de Tocqueville, Translated by Harvey C. Mansfield and Delba Winthrop (Caleb Crain, NY Times Book Review)
    -REVIEW: of Educating the Prince: Essays in Honor of Harvey Mansfield edited by Mark Blitz and William Kristol (Michael P. Zuckert, Claremont Review of Books)     -REVIEW: of Tocqueville: Between Two Worlds: The Making of a Political and Theoretical Life, by Sheldon S. Wolin (Delba Winthrop, Claremont Review of Books)

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