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The religious right has transformed American politics - and credit for that goes to Pat Robertson. Under the inept leadership of Jerry Falwell in the 1980's, Christian conservatives formed merely one of half a dozen groups in the broad Reagan coalition. In the 1990's, Mr. Robertson's genius as a political organizer permitted religious conservatives to gain enough clout within the Republican Party to veto the nomination of political candidates they deemed unacceptable.

Thanks to Pat Robertson, the religious right also captured - and killed - the conservative intellectual movement. By the mid-1990's, as the Christian Coalition consolidated its control over the Republican Party, any intellectual to the right of center who dared to criticize the television preacher was purged.

By 2000, all the other factions in the earlier Reagan coalition - neoconservatives, New Right populists, even libertarian conservatives like Barry Goldwater (who famously declared that conservatives should "boot Falwell right in the ass") - were relegated to the sidelines. The obsessions of Christian fundamentalists, like abortion, homosexuality, pornography and evolution, still define today's Robertsonized Right. And conservative intellectual journals like Commentary, National Review and The Weekly Standard now join Kansas and Tennessee fundamentalists in attacking Darwinian biology.

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